Laser and Water Tag

laser-tag-buttonLaser Tag

$159 for 12 Taggers Picked-up, Add $69 for Delivery


Akron Inflatables offers an excellent laser tag option for at-home use. Instead of the clunky and cumbersome advanced systems found at indoor facilities, our laser taggers are designed for the beginner player and can be picked up at our facility.  Our laser taggers come in sets of 12, and can be paired with our laser tag barriers to create an unforgettable experience.  We recommend these taggers for children 10 and under, although older participants can certainly use them.



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Water Tag

$79 for 6 Vests & 6 Water guns

Our water tag sets are an excellent outdoor options for children of any age.  Once they strap on the plastic vests, they’ll have a blast soaking their friends with the included ‘arsenal’ of water guns and rockets.  Think of it as a glorified squirt gun war.  Who doesn’t like squirt guns on a hot summer day??  Each set consists of (6) Water Tag vests and at least 6 water guns or rockets.  You can even use your favorite squirt guns from home!.