The Big Splash

canton akron dunk tanks

Big Splash

$179 Picked Up, Add $69 for Delivery within 15 miles



        If you’re looking for a fun twist on an old favorite (dunk tank), the Big Splash is just what you’re looking for!  One lucky person will sit in the “hot seat” (customer-provided) below the bucket while participants throw water-logged sponge-balls at the target arm. Once they make contact….watch out for the BIG SPLASH!  To reset the bucket, the person in the chair will pull a cord and turn a lever which will prep the unit for the next round; this only takes about 10 seconds!  Many customers like the idea of clean water on every “dunk” when compared to the traditional dunk tanks, and it’s a lot easier to convince people to get wet when there’s 2 gallons of water in-play (not 175!). You will need a water source and hose which must stay connected for the duration of use.